Becoming a Member…

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is a body of believers linked eternally together through faith in Jesus Christ. If you would like to join with us and be supportive of our church, we warmly invite you become a member. Before you become a member of New Hope you must complete an age appropriate “Exploring Church Membership” class led by our Senior Pastor, Rev. Steve Stephenson. In this class he explains New Hope’s purpose and how you can be a part of what God is doing in and through the ministry of NHMBC.

NHMBC accepts candidates for membership in the following ways:

1. by Profession of Faith and Baptism

There are three different instances when a person will join NHMBC by this means:

1) When a person who has never accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord decides to make this eternally important decision;

2) When a person who has already accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, but has not publicly confessed Him by being baptized;

3) When a person has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, but was baptized by a method other than immersion or was baptized before they accepted Jesus Christ (such as when a person was baptized as an infant). In each of these instances the person requesting member-ship must also complete an “Exploring Church Membership Class.”

2. by Transfer of Membership

If you are currently a member of another Baptist church, we will receive you as a member upon promise of a letter from that church. NHMBC will contact that church to notify them of your decision and request your letter of membership. In this instance the person requesting membership must also complete an “Exploring Church Membership Class.”

3. by Statement of Faith

If you are currently not a member of another Baptist Church, you may become a member of NHMBC if you have previously accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and have been baptized by immersion. To become a member in this manner you must also complete an “Exploring Church Membership Class.”

You may present yourself for membership during any worship service when the invitation is given at the end of the message. The pastor will then explain to the congregation:

1) By which method you seek church membership;

2) That you have completed an Exploring Church Membership Class.