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SANY Excavator and Concrete Pump are Popular in African Countries
   Discussion: SANY Excavator and Concrete Pump are Popular in African Countries
excavators · 3 months ago
SANY Excavator SY230C is used in the new project in Agadir, the economic center in the south of Morocco. The customer SOTRADEMA has purchased 3 units excavator from SANY’s agent in Morocco, Sigma Pole Sarl and all of them are used in the new project in south of Morocco, including the thruway from the economic center of south morocco, Adadir to the tourism center, Marrakech, which started at October, 2005 and will be finished at December 2009. The total length of that is 233km with the investment USD 867million. Government is aimed to develop economy in south of Morocco and enhanced tourism industry. Up to now, there are more than 92 units SANY machinery working in Morocco, including 20 units of excavators.  SANY concrete trailer pump HBT60A-1406DⅢ is working in the new stadium project in Marrakech, which is one of the parts of construction of new tourism center “Marrakech”. Micro Diggers SGTM group is the biggest local contractor in Morocco, created in 1971 and took the main project in morocco: the highest building, twin center in Morocco; the Mohamed Ⅴ airport reconstruction, and the biggest mosque in Africa, HASSAN Ⅱ. HBT60A-1406DⅢtrailer pump is one of the most popular types of concrete pump in Morocco. SGTM group owned more than 3 and totally no less than 7 units SANY HBT60A-1406DⅢtrailer pumpworked in Morocco. Diggers for Sale 

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