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One of SANY’s Best-Selling Excavators- SY215
   Discussion: One of SANY’s Best-Selling Excavators- SY215
excavators · 3 months ago
Sany is the No.1excavator manufacturer in China, and is committed to building the world’s most energy saving excavator by using a number of energy saving technologies while performing the same work load. SY215 is SANY’s best-selling model with over 16,800 units sold in China, and is also very popular all over the world. SANY Hydraulic Excavator adopts the latest Japanese engine model manufactured by Mitsubishi specially customized for SANY to generate greater power and match the high requirements of the hydraulic system. This engine generates better efficiency, stability and durability. Excavator Machinery This Mitsubishi engine is a high displacement engine therefore reduces heat load and is equipped with a overheat protection function which limits travel speed when the coolantreaches certain temperature. SANYLarge Excavator also adopts the latest Japanese engine model manufactured by world-class Japanese manufacturer Isuzu. Engine is design for high performance and reliability while being a clean and energy saving technology certified for markets.SANY SY215 tier III excavator comply with CE standards certifications. The excavator SY215’s main pump is electrically controlled achieving higher accuracy and efficiency. Wheel Loader Also its compact structure presents low noise and low oil leakage increasing the pressure of the hydraulic system, important feature as it’s connected to a turbocharged engine. And the main valve has been optimized to reduce pressure loss and make the hydraulic system more efficient. A combination of a variable displacement pump and a control valve can achieve a positive flow hydraulic system. The SANY excavator pipes and hoses have been optimized with no big angles in order to optimize the hydraulic oil flow in the system. Mini Excavators for Sale 

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