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Procedures and Safety Tips for your Excavator Loading and Unloading
   Discussion: Procedures and Safety Tips for your Excavator Loading and Unloading
excavators · 2 months ago
Improper loading and unloading of the Excavator may cause it to fall or tip over. So please followthe procedures below:1.Load or unload the machine only on a solid and flat surface. Keep it a safe distanceaway from road sides or a cliff; 2. Use an access ramp with enough strength; Large Excavator 3. Make sure that the width, length and thickness of the access ramp is capable of providing a safe loading/unloading operation(at an angle ≤15°); 4. Make sure the access ramp is free from grease, oil, water and debris. Clean thetrack if necessary. Be extremely carefulwhen loading or unloading the excavator inrainy or snowy weather; 5. Never load or unload the excavator usingthe force of work equipment, which maycause the machine to fall or tip over. Some other safety tips also should be noticed when you loading and unloading your Small Excavators.First of all, please run the engine at low speed and drive slowly. And remember do not operate any control levers other than the travel control leverwhen the excavator is driving up the ramp.Do not reposition the Heavy Excavator on the access ramp. If necessary, drive it off theramp, reposition, and get on the rampagain. Gravity center of the hydraulic excavator may alter when it passes the jointing area betweenthe ramp and the trailer. The machine maytilt at this moment. Please travel slowly when theexcavator is on the joint area.When loading or unloading the excavator ona platform, make sure the platform has adequate width, strength and a proper grade. Mini Excavators for Sale

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