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The History of SANY Excavator Development
   Discussion: The History of SANY Excavator Development
excavators · 2 months ago
With the rise of Chinese national brand of engineering machinery in the international market, the foreign monopoly situation will be gone. Some insider people said that, been topped on the sale list for six years, SANY Excavators has become the strongest competitor of those foreign giants. Looking back at history, Chinese national brands have been gone through a long development from scratch; to be on the center of the stage from the edge of the market, they spent many years. SANY excavator has never forgotten the mission of “bearing the flag of Chinese national brands”. Excavator for Sale In the 1990s, Chinese brands took less than 5% market share of the Chinese excavator market. Small Excavators Facing with this, SANY embarked on the way of national brands renaissance. In 2002, the first SANY excavator has been successfully developed, which is a significant breakthrough. In 2005, been repeatedly improved the quality, SANY excavator achieved the sales volume of 500 sets. In 2007, SANY excavators have been sold more than 1600, which crossed the “margins of survival” of 1000 sets in the industry. Large Excavator In 2010, been successfully sold more than 12000, SANY excavator has become the first national excavator brand that over ten thousand sale volume. In 2011, with more than 20 thousand excavators been sold, SANY topped the Chinese excavator market, and exceeded the foreign predators who took the first place of the list for more than 20 years. Relying on the advantages of product, R&D, service, strategies and the amazing development speed, SANY excavator not only proved itself, but also proved the power of “Made in China” to the world. Hydraulic Excavator

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