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Truck Crane Lifts the Ice World
   Discussion: Truck Crane Lifts the Ice World
excavators · 1 month ago
Harbin ice sculpture is one of the best scenic spots that attract thousands of people around the world to visit in winter holiday especially during Chinese Spring Festival. excavator Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival will be held every year and last for one month, which is the first international festival that focuses on ice and snow activities in China history. The ice sculpture show is undoubtedly the most popular activity held in the Ice and Snow Festival, thousands of people from China and abroad are attracted by these white, pure and beautiful artworks every year. However, it is not easy to make the ice sculptures, which need skilled technology, precision carving tool and the lifting power-truck crane. Sany India With the highest latitude and the lowest temperature in China, Harbin is famous for ice and snow. Excavator In November when is the snowfall period, Harbin people started to collect ice in the lake and cut it in different sizes, then transport to the construction site. The carving engineers will carve the ices to varied shapes with different carving tools according to the whole design plan. Small Excavators With different shapes, the ices will be piled together and the special-made lights will be put in the grooves cut between the piled ices. When everything is done, turn on the switch, a bright ice world will appear in front of you. In order to make the artwork more splendid, many ices are lifted to the high position by the truck crane to make the grand palace. excavator price Only when the temperature reaches -20℃ below, the ice can be qualified for the project. But this extreme temperature is a tough challenge for the construction machines, the engine of which may not be started and the fuel oil and coolant may be frozen. wheel excavator To complete the project, the truck crane needs to have high reliability and stability as well as great lifting capacity since many ice tubes weight several tons. When the lifts are finished, the whole project comes to the end and people can enjoy themselves in the ice excavator for sale 

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