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Something You Have to Know about Transit Mixer
   Discussion: Something You Have to Know about Transit Mixer
excavators · 18 days ago
Transit mixer is a kind of special truck that is used to transport concrete for engineering construction, it is also called “olive truck” because of its appearance. Concrete Machine The mixing drum will keep rotating to prevent the concrete in the mixing drum from solidification during the transporting process. Concrete Pump Truck The mixing drum should be cleaned with fresh water after used to avoid the remaining concrete becoming solidified and reducing the capacity of the mixing drum. The concrete transit mixer consists of motor chassis and concrete mixing devices. Generally, the mixing devices include mixing drum, decelerator, hydraulic system, operating and cleaning system. Truck Mixer The mixer truck’s working procedures start from getting power from the motor chassis and driving the hydraulic pump, transferring the mechanical power into hydraulic power and sending it to the constant motor, then driving the decelerator and mixing devices to mix the concrete.Australia Digger Daily maintenance is very important for transit mixer to keep a good condition for a long time. Lubricant should be paint regularly to avoid frequent abrasion. mini excavator The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and as specified, the sewage should not enter the hydraulic system, especially in the tough working environment. small excavators Replace the hydraulic oil once mixed with water or sand.Keep the cooling devices effective and regularly clean the hydraulic radiator to prevent being blocked. Having a good knowledge of the maintenance guidelines can not only extend the machine’s service life but also reduce downtime and save cost.excavation safety 

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