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Baptist Men Assist Ice Storm Victims in Watauga County
NC Baptist Men Disaster Relief
NC Baptist Men Disaster Relief
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Baptist Men Assist Ice Storm Victims in Watauga County

Posted on Tue, Jan 5, 2010

Over 20 Families have been helped!

The following paragraphs were taken from 3 different e-mails sent out by Gaylon Moss, Disaster Relief Director & Volunteerism Coordinator, North Carolina Baptist Men:

"NCBM Disaster Recovery teams have been hard at work in Watauga County (Boone and surrounding area) since Christmas Day, helping residents clean up from the severe Ice Storm. Over 200 projects are on the current list.

Due to the inclement weather in Watauga County, NCBM have paused from their work. Dangerous conditions from snow, ice, and cold prevent the folks from completing the work safely at this time.

As of Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010, twenty families have been helped by approximately 50 volunteers. Please consider participating in this event to help those affected by the Christmas Day ice storm. NCBM needs chainsaw operators and those that can pull brush, and those that can visit with the homeowner to show them God’s love.

When the weather conditions improve NCBM plans to assess the need and provide assistance if warranted."

Please pray for those families who are still without heat and all the NCBM volunteers for making this humanitarian effort a success thus far!
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