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"Easter": Is it the most important celebration of the year?

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"Easter": Is it the most important celebration of the year?

Posted on Thu, Apr 5, 2007

For the Christian it should be...

Every spring when the flowers are blooming and yes, here in eastern North Carolina, the pine pollen seems to cover everything, we "the Church" celebrate the holiday of "Easter". Gatherings with friends and family, easter baskets and egg hunts, sunrise services and Cantata's seem to fill our days.

But do we pause often enough during this season, to just stop and reflect what the life, death and resurrection of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ really means to us, to all who realize the eternal state they are really in without His most gracious gift! 

In Exodus, chapter 12 , As God was about to deliver the nation of Israel out of Egyptian slavery, he told them thru Moses to take a lamb "without blemish", and sacrifice it. Then, they were told to take the blood from this lamb and to brush it onto the side posts and upper post of the door. And then He said, "when I see the blood",  I will pass over this house (hence the Jewish Celebration of "Passover"). Because of their obedience and God's grace, death did not touch Israel, although Eqypt was devastated. Years later, the Lord Jesus would celebrate this Passover meal with His disciples just prior to being nailed to a cruel cross.

This "lamb without blemish" from the days of Moses was only a foreshadowing of what Jesus Christ would do for us at Calvary. His perfect blood was a substitute for the blood that should be required of us for our sin. The true "Spotless Lamb" stood in our place, and paid the price we could not pay. His death for three days and His most awesome resurrection paint a beautiful picture that we should reflect on often; especially during this season of celebration.

Jesus Christ arose! and He's coming back for those that love Him and are called to His service and for His purpose! Rejoice during this Holy season, for we have much to celebrate. From death to life...and the rest is HIStory!

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