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New Hope Kid's Mission Offering Put Into Action - UPDATED!
Missionary John Baynes w/Australian Locals
Missionary John Baynes w/Australian Locals
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New Hope Kid's Mission Offering Put Into Action - UPDATED!

Posted on Thu, Sep 10, 2009

VBS offering to be distributed to Missionaries around the Globe

In July of 2009, kids attending New Hope's "Boomerang Express" Vacation Bible School were introduced to several different missionaries during the missions presentation at each session. The kids were moved by these personal stories of sharing the Gospel with the world and decided to donate this year's missions offering (over $850 raised) equally to all of the missionaries shown during VBS missions.

Out of 5 missionaries contacted, 3 have responded:
John and Carmen are ministering to the folks in Australia in a mighty way, and were kind enough to share photos, prayer concerns, and a little more information about the folks to which they are ministering; the following information is taken from an e-mail sent by John & Carmen:

John and Carmen Baynes work as a Mission Outreach Coordinator in Katherine, Northern Territory Australia since 2001 up to the present.

"Approximately, Katherine has 16 thousand population more or less. Katherine town is 320 km South of Darwin. We do Church Planting, Evangelism, Home and Outreach ministry. We do hospital visits, home visits, jail ministry, visits to Women Crisis Centers, we minister to Aboriginal people whose family situations needing counseling and the inevitable funeral services, hold Bible Studies in the long grass and under the shady trees."

"Our target people group are WARLPIRI (pronounce as Wall-pree) and Gurindji tribal group. They speak different languages. They are a very layed back people group."

"The Warlpiri (Wall-pree) people are a desert tribe who in the past were feared warriors. This characteristics is still evident in their distinct preserved cultural which as with all Aboriginal culture, has a very strong influence on their lives and beliefs."

"The WARLPIRI (wall-pree) is a group of people who are socially and economically some of the most deprived people in Australia and many have been outcast from their own people as a result of their anti-social behavior or because they have breached their cultural constraints."

"The social situation in the Warlpiri (wall-pree) Camp is very distressing and many of the Warlpiri people are suffering from chronic alcoholism, shame, depressions, family disputes, sense of loss of dignity, drug abuse, child abuse, smoking abuse and social and health problems."

"As we minister to our target people group we exposed them to different Bush Bible Trainings and Bush Camps and Fellowships with other Northern Territories Aboriginal Churches."

"We PRAY that God will raise up more Aboriginal local leaders in our midst in order that they will serve and minister to their own people."

"The more people PRAY for our ministry to the Warlpiri and Gurindji tribal group the more John and Carmen Baynes are encouraged and challenged to persevere to serve Him more and more each day of our lives. PRAYING is like watering the seed. Without the strong support of PRAYER, the ministry will struggle and possibly dry up. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR OUR MNISTRY IN THE OUTBACK OF KATHERINE, NORTHERN TERRITORY AUSTRALIA." -  BLESSINGS, John & Carmen Baynes

Please continue to pray that God will open doors for John & Carmen in Australia, Fernando & Brenda in South America, and Jim in Idaho here in the US!

Click on the following link for additional prayer concerns from John & Carmen

View Additional Australian Mission Photos Some of the Local Aboriginal Foods of Australia 

See Update in Post Below...
   Discussion: New Hope Kid's Mission Offering Put Into Action - UPDATED!
Peggy Ticconi · 9 years, 3 months ago
Update! New Hope has received contact with one additional Missionary Team:

Bill & Pauline Eardensohn
Missionaries in Iringa, Tanzania
"Orphans & Widows of Tanzania" is there ministry

Here's a note from Bill & Pauline:
"Things are going well and we are currently preparing to see several of the boys graduate from primary school (7th grade here). So, it is very exciting to celebrate this milestone with them. This is a major achievement that God has truly enabled them to achieve. Part of that is due to the generosity of folks like yourselves who have sent their gifts to help with this ministry. May God richly bless you and the VBS children for your generosity and prayers."
suku k thomas (anon) · 8 years, 6 months ago
Dear Pastor Greetings in Jesus name. I introduce myself with you, my name is Pastor Suku K. Thomas, Director of Believers Association for Social & Evangelist Mission, Reg: No. 135/IV/05 (Base Mission India). I am very happy by getting an opportunity to contact you through the e-mail. I am also very happy by knowing about you and your work. We started this ministry in 1999 for the evangelization of India. We are one of the independent Christian ministries in India and have 25 churches included in our ministry all over India. We have a Bible training centre and 25 students and childerns home other ministry also. It is situated on out part of India, state called Kerala. Kerala is the extreme south of India. Kerala is called as ‘God’s Own Country’. Ornamented with back waters and sea shores, hill view really it is a state of unity and purity. Our Fifth graduation with convention is panning to conduct in the last week 2011 February. I am inviting you to participate in that auspicious occasion. I think your presence is a blessing for our ministry. I request your valuable prayer for me and our ministry. I am waiting for your reply. Don’t hesitate to contact me. May God Bless you Yours brother in Christ Pastor Suku K. Thomas Believers Association for Social & Evangelist Mission, Reg: No. 135/IV/05 (Base Mission India) Methanam, Chalappally P.O., Pathanamthitta District. Kerala State, India – 689 586 Phone: 0469- 2794695 Cell: 0091 974414075 Email:
Edchienette B. Lariosa (anon) · 8 years, 5 months ago
Dear Pastor, As I searched through google, I do not have any idea yet where the exact location of a Missionary Baptist Church somewhere in Leanyer NT, Darwin, Australia. Hope you can help me. I am a Filipino, a member of Pastor Reynald Paracueles our church was located in Bonsai, Carcar City, 6019 Cebu Philippines. I am married woman, the husband of my family was already in there and as of now we're working on with our papers for immigration but I am worried a little bit though its a sin if your heart worrying something, but I trust in Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour if it is His will that my husband and I will get a VISA for sure he will find us a church where we can continue serve and praise HIM. Pls. pray also for us that may our VISA will approved. This coming August 3, 2010 is our schedule for a medical exam for us to get our VISA. Pls. pray for us as a brother in Christ. Thank you and God bless us all. Hope to hear you soon. Edchienette B. Lariosa Carcar Missionary Baptist - Mission

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