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Strategic Planning Team Seeks "Mission & Vision" for New Hope!

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Strategic Planning Team Seeks "Mission & Vision" for New Hope!

Posted on Sun, Jan 23, 2011

Core Values, Mission and Vision Statements "set the stage" for future ministry opportunities...


On Wednesday, January 19th, after a great fellowship supper, the Strategic Planning Team brought before the Church body the results of the Church Health Survey that was taken several months back, as well as "next steps" that the planning team will take in working on documenting our Core Values, and Mission/Vision statements.

The information that we gathered from our health survey highlighted our strengths, but also, showed us areas that we need to focus intensely on in the coming days if we are to be a shining light, both in the New Hope / Wilson community and the World!

Core Values, Mission and Vision Statements? Some may say, well why do we need these? Some very important words of advice came from King Solomon as documented in Proverbs 28:18a - "Where there is no vision, the people perish…

It's a proven fact that when we put a plan "on paper", and have the determination to follow the plan and let it guide every aspect of the ministry, that we as a local body of Jesus Christ will be more focused and more effective in "Kingdom work".

Identifying our "Core Values" will help us understand "WHO" we are and "WHY" we are doing what we are doing? They are the "DNA" or heart of what the church sees as being important (see Acts 2:42-47 for a great example of Core Values of the first Church @ Jerusalem). The "Core Values Audit", which was taken by members after the presentation will help in the identification of these most important Church functions...

Next, our Core Values will lead us into development of a Mission Statement. This answers the all important question - "WHAT" are we supposed to be doing? Our current Mission Statement is "Sharing Jesus Christ with Wilson and the World". We want to take this to the next level, insuring that our Mission fully captures all that we should be doing for Jesus Christ! Our Mission must incite PASSION in each one of our members if it is to be effective. A couple of great biblical examples of "missions" given by God are in Exodus 3:10 (Moses given the command to bring the Children of Israel out of Eqypt) and in Nehemiah 2:17 (Nehemiah comes back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city wall). It's brief, but very powerful! Our Mission must also include elements of the "Great Commission" if we are to be effective in following Jesus' last command in Matthew 28:19-20...

After the Mission comes the "Vision". The vision answers the "HOW" is a "A clear and compelling picture of the future of the ministry here at New Hope". If we could paint a picture of all the great things that God could do if we are faithful to what He calls us to do, this will be a successful vision. God showed us a vivid picture of what Cananan land would look like to Moses and the children of Israel in Deuteronomy 8:7-10. God can do ANYTHING! If we don't limit him with our own vision, but rather choose to get in line with what He wants to accomplish, there's no limit! 

After (through much prayer) we determine our "road map", it is at that point we can begin putting "hands and feet" to implementing a ministry strategy. We'll get a better understanding of our own spiritual gifts - the strengths and talents that God has equiped each one of us with to use for HIs glory! We'll determine our ministry community and how to best minister to their needs. We will make discipleship and training a greater priority (more "train the trainer" activities). We'll take evangelism to the "next level", making it intentional and heart felt, and we will extend our "outward focus" to the community around us.

Be in much prayer for the Strategic Planning Team as they continue forward with documenting the road map for future ministry @ New Hope Missionary Baptist Church!


If you have comments concerning Core Values, Mission/Vision Statements or Future Ministry Opportunities for New Hope, please feel free to post them below...Thanks!


*Many of the above concepts were taken from the book "Advanced Strategic Planning - 2nd Edition" by Aubrey Malphurs, Baker Books, 2005.

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